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    Τσακώνικη Μελιτζάνα 
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    Μανταρίνα - Σατσούμα Λεωνιδίου 
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    Ντομάτες Λεωνιδίου 
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    Κηπευτικά Λεωνιδίου 


Leonidio’s agricultural cooperative has been operating from its own premises since 2008. It includes a contemporary packing warehouse which is able to manage the entire yield of the valley of Leonidio.

The establishment as well as all the equipment were made possible by a subsidy allocated by the 3rd ESPA package; more specifically, the venture scheme named “Agricultural Development – Reconstruction of rural areas 2000-2006”.

Click here for a virtual tour of our facilities.


Tsakonian Aubergine
Protected Designation of Origin