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    Τσακώνικη Μελιτζάνα 
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    Μανταρίνα - Σατσούμα Λεωνιδίου 
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    Ντομάτες Λεωνιδίου 
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    Κηπευτικά Λεωνιδίου 

Leonidio’s Agricultural Cooperative

The Agricultural Cooperative of Leonidio was founded in 1954 and was named “The Agricultural Credit Cooperative of Leonidio, Saint Leonidas.”

Our Cooperative membership is high with over 500 members, all of whom are agriculturists in the Leonidio valley. Upon its founding, our co-op has been active in various areas although its main role is in the promoting of agricultural products produced in the valley of Leonidio, as well as providing technical support to its members.

Today, the primary activities of the cooperative are the gathering, marketing and standardization of the basic agricultural products of Leonidio; namely Leonidio’s aubergines (eggplants), citrus fruit (oranges, tangerines) as well as various greens. The cooperative also plays an active role in providing farmers with our expertise regarding the supply and use of agricultural utilities; such as fertilizing, animal feed, plant chemicals and equipment. Additionally, the co-op provides service in terms of subsidies and government funding.

The co-op has recently acquired its own packing warehouse which complies with all regulations of a modern packing warehouse and has thus been awarded the HACCP certificate.

Despite the rapid growth of local tourism over recent years, we firmly believe that agricultural production must be highly maintained as it comprises the most stable foundation for economic development. Furthermore, we are certain that all the prerequisites exist to ensure a coalition of these two sectors- agriculture and tourism, so to be able to function toward desirable mutual interest as a large percentage of agricultural production can easily be consumed by tourist consumption. It is, however, of vital importance that local products are of the best quality and an integral part of Leonidio’s customs and culture.

Our main goals are: to support the agriculturists of Leonidio, to promote our products, to maintain our culture and traditions, and last, but perhaps most importantly, to enhance our hometown.

Συσκευασία Προϊόντος ΠΟΠ
Τσακώνικη Μελιτζάνα