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    Τσακώνικη Μελιτζάνα 
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    Μανταρίνα - Σατσούμα Λεωνιδίου 
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    Ντομάτες Λεωνιδίου 
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    Κηπευτικά Λεωνιδίου 


The valley of Leonidio covers an area of approximately 4000 hectares; needless to say, a very small portion of this land is allocated to each farmer. This, however, does not discourage local farmers. In fact, it motivates them to work hard so as to produce unsurpassed quality products which will, in turn, be able to compete in today’s market. An invaluable factor is the microclimate of the local area.

Leonidio farmers rank top with regards to their crops. According to the Mayor of Leonidio, Mr. Dimitrios Tsigounis, “….when God created this land he sealed this valley with the ideal conditions for agricultural production. God also blessed the valley’s inhabitants with a passion for hard work, and at the same time, instilled a drive to never come in second…..”

Leonidio’s agricultural co-op is always at their side providing technical support, improving the production process and helping the newer generation to assimilate actively and effectively in this field.

Our vision

Our vision is to produce and directly offer consumers quality products cultivated in the valley of Leonidio.

Our mission

Our mission is to supply our consumers with 100% Greek products of the highest quality at reasonable prices.


Tsakonian Aubergine
Protected Designation of Origin