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    Τσακώνικη Μελιτζάνα 
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    Μανταρίνα - Σατσούμα Λεωνιδίου 
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    Ντομάτες Λεωνιδίου 
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    Κηπευτικά Λεωνιδίου 


The local area’s microclimate enables farmers to cultivate a high yield of delicious produce such as tomatoes, vegetables, tangerines and oranges(previously, renowned pears, pomegranates and quince). This produce is transported by truck (long ago by boat) to markets in Athens, Piraeus and Thessalonica. (In the past, produce was transported to Syros, Istanbul and Massalia). Leonidio’s most characteristic product is the renowned Tsakonian Aubergine which is registered, among other 317 products, as a product of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) of the European Union.

Tsakonian Aubergine is the only eggplant which has a sweet taste due to the area’s microclimate and farmers’ conscientious use of agricultural chemicals. Another advantage is that it ripens early in the season. Tsakonian Aubergine can be used in various dishes, both culinary and confectionery.

Tsakonian Aubergine
Protected Designation of Origin