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    Τσακώνικη Μελιτζάνα 
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Lettuce Grown in Leonidio

Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is an annual, herbaceous plant of rapid growth, belonging to the Compositae family. It was cultivated in Roman times and originated from Asia. It is referred to as “thridaniki” and “thridax” by Herodotus of Theofrastou and by Dioskoridis.

Lettuce is a main ingredient in many salads. Rich in chlorophyll, it is quite nutritious. Lettuce leaves can be separated leaf by leaf, or used whole. The tastiest leaves are found in the center (the heart) of the lettuce plant; however the most nutritious and rich in chlorophyll are, in fact, the outer leaves.

Lettuce is a vegetable which can be found in Leonidio all year round. The region’s climate enables the planting and the harvesting in almost all seasons. The annual lettuce production averages to about 10 million heads of lettuce.

Nutritional Value of Lettuce

Due to the high concentration of water and low calorie count, lettuce is not held in high esteem in our daily diet. However, lettuce is quite nutritious. It can be eaten either raw in salads or cooked in meat meals (fricassee). If you begin your meal with a lettuce salad, you will enjoy a variety of flavour and reap many dietary benefits as well.

Lettuce is rich in sources of Vitamins A, K and C as well as having amounts of manganese, potassium and chrome. Similarly, it is also a good source of fiber and minerals.

Lettuce consumption can prove to be beneficial for the heart, acting against the formation of plague which can cause heart attack or stroke. Similarly, it lowers cholesterol levels which, in turn, lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Due to potassium levels present, it has also been proven to lower blood pressure.

Epidemiological studies have shown that diets rich in vegetable fiber, act preventatively against colon cancer.

Moreover, fiber found in vegetables reduces glucose absorption, as well as lowering after-meal insulin levels.

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Τσακώνικη Μελιτζάνα